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Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, Dan Randazzo grew up with a passion for music and acting, developing a natural talent for the performing arts. At the age of 3, he had his first connection to Spirit. He began sharing information about loved ones who’d passed prior to and around the time of his birth with his parents. It was these early connections that would set the foundation for the rest of his life by affirming his connection to spirit through the gift of mediumship. He spent the next 15 years not fully understanding the extent of his gift and as some experience, a fear of others finding out how different he was.

Having relocated to Sydney, NSW in 2009, to pursue a career in the performing arts, he soon found himself in the throngs of a spiritual awakening. Being away from home and the comforts that once allowed him to explore at his own pace, he was pushed and pulled by spirit in many different directions. This led him to explore his spirituality by learning to read the Tarot, while strengthening his connection with Spirit.

At the age of 27, he finally surrendered to the call of Spirit and enrolled in a Spiritual Development course, it was through this course that he decided to get a better understanding of the Metaphysical universe. Since 2018, Dan has completed further education in Psychic and Mediumship and in 2020 completed an Advanced Certification of Psychic Mediumship through the Rachel Grace International Academy of Metaphysics.

As a Psychic, he has the ability to provide readings on his sitter’s Past, Present and Future life events.

As a Medium, he is able to See, Hear, Feel and Know when spirits are around and is able to communicate with them directly and through his personal team of guides. Dan also has a strong connection to the Angelic realms and incorporates this connection into his daily practice.

Dan is also able to perform Evil Eye removals for his sitter. Born into an Italian family, he was raised with an understanding of the Evil Eye or Malocchio, as it’s known in his culture. He has been taught the traditional Italian method of removing the evil eye and uses Oil and Water in his practice. When clearing the evil eye, he draws on his connection to both the Angelic and Spirit Realms to remove any negative blockages that are present.

Dan prides himself on his honesty, integrity and authenticity. He feels extremely grateful to have this gift and to be of service to spirit.

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